About Us.

The Office of Marine and Industrial Survey “CEMIC CONGO S.A.R.L”, installed for nearly 15 years in the Autonomous Port of Pointe-Noire (PAPN), is in line with the growing needs linked to the development of international trade, the transport of goods by sea and the control of insurance risks. CEMIC, has been able to grow and to adapt to the requirements of the modern and developing economies, to the impacts and constraints of the multiple developments in this case the harbour industries, oil companies, and other developments of all types

environmental, security, technical, commercial and administrative, has complementary objectives direct and indirect, contributing to the defense of the interests of clients and partners both in the Republic of Congo, but also to other countries of the sub-region “CEMAC”, in ANGOLA, via CABINDA in DRC on all river ports (Banana, Boma, Matadi) and develops partnerships in the other sub-regions of West Africa (SENEGAL, GHANA) and North Africa (MAURITANIA) and in Southern Africa (South Africa) and the island of Madagascar.